Sea Spanner: a really good wrench

by Aaron on July 24, 2005


There always seems to be that one fitting that’ll send us scrambling below to grab an adjustable wrench. And then it needs to be stowed again promptly so it doesn’t get doused in saltwater and become an unadjustable wrench. And of course, it would be Kiwi ingenuity that brings us a true sailor’s spanner (wrench, for those of us who speak US English). Sure it’s a well-made, marine-grade, polished stainless steel, adjustable wrench, with a shackle key slot forged into the handle, but nothing says nautical better than the built-in bottle opener. Mmmm…beer… Okay, well, it is a $50 wrench, but it could very well out-last your boat. Practical Sailing Solutions carries these beauties, and a bunch of other nice products, so check ‘em out!

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