And One Roto-Molded Kayak to Rule Them All: Hobie Adventure Island

by Aaron on February 23, 2007

Hobie Adventure kayak

Another Seattle Boatshow find from a few weeks back was the Hobie Adventure Island model, a do-it-all, over-achieving kayak design which is actually pretty impressive. Starting with a sit-on-top design, Hobie adds their interesting foot-pedaled Mirage Drive, which slots through the hull (and is easily removed by turns of a couple locking cams). The main hull can be used as a conventional kayak, and features a bunch of nice little touches, like integrated holders for a folding paddle; molded-in mounting holes for a wheeled cart (which also stows perfectly behind the seat); and hatch-accessible inside storage, as well a generous, bungeed, outside storage area behind the seat.

Hobie Kayaks  - Adventure_island Image

Attach the amas (pontoons) and sailing rig, though, and you have an impressive little craft. It all locks together without tools, and is surprisingly straight-forward. What’s more, by releasing a bracing bar by the side of the seat, the ama will fold back against the main hull, making it much easier to get on and off the boat at a dock.

The sailing rig features a two part mast, and vertical battens give it a nice, square-top roach that work so well with multihulls. A built-in furling drum at the mast-base provides near instant furling when things get too exciting.

Hobie Adventure sailing rig mast base

The rudder is a bit over-sized for a kayak, as is necessary for sufficient steerage with the sailing rig. And there is a composite daggerboard the slides into its own casing next to the Mirage Drive, so this thing can probably go to windward pretty well.

And the whole package costs about $3000, which isn’t a bad price for such a versatile and fun vessel. Now I just gotta figure out where onboard I can stash a sixteen foot kayak and all the bits!

Link: Hobie Kayaks

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