RM Line Locker: Sneaky Deck Storage

by Tim on April 24, 2008

linelockers1 You’ve seen those hollowed out soda-pop cans where you can unscrew the top and hide your diamonds and jewels "in plain sight", right? Well, the RM Line Locker embodies the same principle.

I’m not sure they intend this to be an especially clandestine form of deck storage, and I don’t think I would keep my binoculars or handheld VHF in one of these.

Still, the foredeck is one area that, on many boats, lacks good storage lockers. If you’ve already got a fender rack on either side, it might make sense to replace one of those fenders with some line and other mooring or anchoring gear. How often do you need all four fenders up there, anyway? Not as often as you need your dock lines!

Made from UV-stabilized polyethylene, the RM Line Locker has a removable cap assembly designed to allow air exchange for ventilation while keeping rain and spray out, but only while the unit remains upright, as it would in a fender rack.linelockers2

   Available in two sizes—8" x 20" and 10" x 26"—and three colors: blue, white, or black. And in case you were wondering, please note that the RM Line Locker is "not to be used as a fender."

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