USCG Cutter Eagle Visits Puget Sound

by Tim on July 1, 2008

She’s on her way to the Tall Ships Tacoma festival, July 3-7 in the Foss Waterway. She’s coming down Admiralty Inlet today, bound for Seattle, and will stop in Edmonds to pick up several “Distinguished Representatives of the World Press”. Oh, and me, too, by the way.

So until I get a chance to post something about my trip, I’ll assign some background reading to the class. Be sure to do the reading…the vessel’s Nazi history is fascinating, and the fact that she was “taken a prize” at the end of World War II harkens back to traditions from the age of sail.

Eagle‘s home page at the USCG Academy

Eagle info page at the USCG website

USCGC Eagle article at Wikipedia

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