AIS search and rescue transponder

by Tim on March 11, 2010


You know, folks, I do my best, but there is just an awful lot of marine technology to keep up with these days! Thank goodness there’s Panbo, without which I wouldn’t be nearly as up-to-date on some very interesting product technology.


Take the Jotron AIS-SART Ben discusses here:

I once heard a gentleman who probably knew what he was talking about complain fairly bitterly about the electronic radar reflectors called SARTs.  He said they’d been pushed on the GMDSS by a member nation where they were made and that they’d never proven themselves effective in search and rescue operations.  Which is just one reason why the new Jotron AIS SART is an interesting development…

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will the jotron ais sart function in nome alaska August 16, 2010 at 1:46 pm

will the ais function where the iphone cannot receive a signal as in nome alaska


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