Expedition Medical Chest: First aid kit for boaters

by Tim on May 17, 2011

Deborah Bach has this feature at Three Sheets Northwest:

[The Expedition Medical Chest is available in two sizes, for $109 and $54. Photos courtesy of Steve Roberts]

Steve Roberts did his homework, reading online forums and researching the options before buying an onboard medical kit a few years ago.

But the La Conner resident and Northwest sailor wasn’t particularly happy with it. Some items were redundant and there was a lot of excess packaging. The kit was expensive, more than $300, and the container was not waterproof.

When Roberts met girlfriend and nurse Kirsten Hansen about six months ago, he showed her the kit. Hansen was unimpressed with the quality and organization of the contents.

“It was basically drugstore quality stuff, not the quality of bandages or dressings I would see if I went into a hospital supply room,” she says.

The pair looked around to see what else was available but only found kits that provided a broad array of products many boaters would already have and in quantities too small to be useful.

“If I’m going offshore, a two-pack of Benadryl is not going to make a difference,” says Roberts, a marine writer, blogger and technology developer. “People have already got this type of stuff and if they don’t, they can go to Costco and get the 100-pack.”

So Roberts and Hansen decided to develop their own line of medical kits. They launched a website and started selling the first of their Expedition Medical Chests about two months ago. The kits are made of gasketed polycarbonate and come in two sizes, a standard one for $109 and a smaller version for $54 suitable for day sailing or small watercraft such as kayaks.

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