PA/Hailer horn installation

by Tim on July 9, 2012

My new Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF has lots of cool features, including a fog horn and loud-hailer output. So I needed to decide where to install the loudspeaker horn on my C-Dory.

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided that this made the most sense:

2012-07-04 18.56.53

So while the rest of the dock was drinking and barbecuing on the Fourth of July, I was busy with wrenches, screwdrivers, and the drill. Measure twice, cut once!

The speaker is a Standard Horizon 220SW. The smaller one offered by S-H. Seems plenty loud on my boat, at least while tied to the dock!

In order to mount it to the bottom of my radar pedestal, I had to remove the radome, drill and countersink three holes is the top of the pedestal, and drill a smaller hole in the vertical shaft of the pedestal for the electrical wires. Sounds simple, but it took a lot longer than you might think it should have.

For one thing, I had to run the mounting bracket over to the motorcycle shop across the street to grind a 1/4”-deep crescent of sheet metal away, in order for it to fit against the available surface. Luckily, the folks at the motorcycle shop were out celebrating the holiday too. So I was able to have a tiny bit of custom metal fabrication done (1) on a holiday, (2) without an appointment, and (3) for $10. He did a nice job, and it fits just right:

2012-07-04 18.57.12

Fishing the wire through the radar pedestal into the cabin was tricky, and required the assistance of my lovely bride. Hint: Bailing wire makes a nice improvised “fish wire” for the initial pathfinding. Then use the wire to pull through a length of dental floss. Then tie the dental floss to the electrical wire with a sort of improvised timber hitch so you don’t create a big lump of dental floss that won’t pull through the tiny hole. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of this…my hands were full!

Finally, I hooked it all up and tested it. Success! I played with several of the functions, and I’m satisfied that I can now make a total nuisance of myself with this new loudhailer functionality. Woo-hoo!  Smile

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