Will AIS be a “victim of its own popularity”?

by Tim on July 12, 2012

Ben Ellison over at Panbo kicked off a new phase in the ongoing debate about AIS “over-usage”. What debate? The one around the argument that when too many boats broadcast AIS telemetry, AIS displays will become so cluttered with useless junk data that the system will become useless.

Worth a read…check it out.

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Richard Rodriguez July 12, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Back in 2007 I commented that Class B signals were going to provide TMI: http://BitterEndBlog.com/?p=641


Quinn July 27, 2012 at 9:37 am

In navigation software like Nimble Navigator, the display of AIS data can be de-cluttered (is that a word?) by using filters. This is the solution to the problem. Some handy filters include:
A CPA filter – show only boats with a CPA, not boats moving away from you.
Distance filter – show only boats with a CPA distance within a user definable distance ring.
Speed filter – show only boats with a user definable minimum speed.
Again, display filters are the solution to this problem. The idea that AIS would become ‘useless’ is ridiculous. And if you have too many boats flying around in your immediate area (100 yards) then you’ll always have to fall back to the older equipment, eyeball mark one.



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