FloatPlanRegistry.com: Good idea!

by Tim on September 7, 2012

Deborah Bach has this story over at Three Sheets Northwest. But it reminds me of my own solution: Twitter and Facebook. Not perfect by any means, but works for me in the areas I cruise. Let’s see what this new website offers…

A few years ago, Jim Young started feeling bad about not filing float plans before heading out on his boat so there would be a record of his whereabouts if something happened.

Young looked online and found a few float plan samples. But using one would require downloading it, filling it out and sending it to people. It wasn’t easy or convenient.

“The barrier to doing it was just too high,” he said.

That led to Young, a self-employed software developer who lives on Bainbridge Island, creating the website Float Plan Registry. The free site, which went live in August, allows boaters to create a profile with reusable detailed information about their vessels, crew members and contacts.

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