Affordable new FLIR MD-series thermal imaging camera

by Tim on January 29, 2013

Regular readers know that I am enchanted with thermal imaging. I even dream in thermal! :-)

But I don’t own a thermal imaging camera. Why not? They are incredibly expensive! The FLIR M-series “R2-D2” units I lust after (shown at right) run about $10,000 and up.

So my little heart went pitter-patter when I saw this press release about FLIR’s new MD-series thermal imagers

MD_Series_High Res


Portland, OR –FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR), introduced a new member of its maritime thermal night vision product family: the MD-Series. A fixed-mounted thermal camera that is easy to install and use, MD-Series helps boaters detect obstructions, other vessels, and people in the water at night.

Starting at $3,499, the MD-Series uses FLIR’s state-of-the-art technology to create clear thermal imagery night and day. MD-324 features 320 × 240 standard-resolution, 24° field of view, and 2× e-zoom, while MD-625 features 640 × 480 high-resolution, 25° field of view, and 2× and 4× e-zoom. Both models are built to withstand harsh maritime environments, include automatic defrost, and come with a two-year standard warranty.

Weighing in at only three pounds and standing a mere seven inches tall, MD-Series is easy to install on any boat or any size boat. It’s Ethernet-enabled for simple integration in your current electronics and consumes as little as 4.8 W.

“We developed FLIR MD-Series to provide boaters with an affordable thermal night vision system to mount on their vessel. We’re using the same thermal imaging technology that has made the handheld First Mate and the premium M-Series product families so invaluable to boaters,” said Lou Rota, FLIR Maritime VP of Business Development. “Being on the water at night should be as pleasurable and safe as it is during the day, and MD-Series makes that possible.”

FLIR MD-Series will be on display at the Miami International Boat Show, February 14-18. More information is available at

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